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Preparing for Your Hair + Makeup Preview

Not sure what to expect during your Bridal Preview? We’ve got you covered!

Scheduling a hair and makeup preview allows you to:

— Meet your Artist

— Share style inspiration

— Confirm a look you love

Plan ahead:

Collect visual hair and makeup inspo to share your Bridal style. (Photos of looks you do NOT like are equally helpful!)

Plan on arriving at your appointment with clean, dry hair that’s ready to be worked on. If you’re receiving a makeup application, arrive with a clean face.

Bring with you anything you plan on wearing in your hair day-of (i.e. hair extensions, combs, clips, veil.) If you haven’t purchased these items yet, no sweat! Your artist can recommend items that will work with your desired look.

Be sure to ask questions at your trial and share feedback. Remember if this is your first time meeting your artist, it might take a few adjustments to nail your perfect look. By the end of your appointment, you want to walk away with the peace of mind that you'll look and feel beautiful on your big day.

When to book your preview:

As a general timeline, we suggest scheduling 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding. It's also practical to book your preview after you purchased your dress! Why? Because the neckline and style will help determine your overall look.

What else you should know:

If you try multiple looks during your preview, don’t expect a “perfect” finish. As the hair and makeup is manipulated over and over, hair can tend to get frizzy and overworked and makeup can start to look heavy. Don’t fret— this is why you booked a preview! Your artist will take photos and notes and execute your perfect look on wedding day!

Don’t expect a Saturday or Sunday Preview— Many bridal artists are booked on weekends up to 18 months in advance.

Can’t swing a preview appointment? No problem!

Ask your artist to schedule a Zoom appointment prior to your big day so you can get to know each other and talk through your desired look.

Here’s to you, beautiful!

— House of the Rozetree Bridal


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