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Top 4 Hairstyles for Grooms in 2023

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Hey Groom! On your big day, it’s important to feel your most confident, and having a game plan for your wedding look is key. To get ya started, we’ve put together some of the best wedding hairstyles for 2023. Pick your favorite and walk down the aisle in style.

1. The Classic Slick-Back

A timeless hairstyle perfect for formal occasions, the Classic Slick-Back gives a polished and sophisticated look that pairs perfectly with a tuxedo or suit.

2. The Undercut

An edgier hairstyle that is one of the most trending men’s cuts, this look features a skin fade or an extremely short length on the sides, paired with a much longer length on top. The high contrast of the undercut is unique and memorable and gives the wearer a dapper, refined look.

3. The Quiff

A modern take on a classic 1950’s hairstyle, the quiff is easily manipulated with the product, making it a great cut for nearly all face shapes and hair textures. Similar to the undercut, the Quiff is longer on top and shorter on the sides; however, the difference is the top of the hair, which is styled upward with volume and finger combed back or to the side for a textured, eye-catching look.

4. The Hard-Part

A sleek and sophisticated style that is perfect for a groom who wants a polished, yet modern look. The hard part typically trims the part right down to the scalp, and the sides are left quite short, while the top is kept at a moderate length. This haircut gives a great amount of definition to your facial features and pairs well with facial hair.

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