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Beautiful bride with a high up do and off the shoulder wedding dress.


Hair Artist

Janina from Rozetree Bridal styles a brides hair on her wedding day
Janina Cannon from Rozetree Bridal

A long-time beauty expert, Janina is known for her fun demeanor and kick-ass hairstyles. She loves creating effortless styles for both salon and bridal clients and is the master of textured hair.

In addition to working with Rozetree Bridal, Janina owns The Culture Salon in downtown SLO, a highly sought after location for cutting and coloring services.

If you're looking for that perfect wedding day hairstyle, Janina is your girl.

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Janina, hair stylist for weddings

Get to know Janina

How long have you been working with brides?

23 Years

What's your favorite thing about working with brides?

Creating their vision with them for their special day.

What's a bridal trend you're loving right now?

There are so many looks I enjoy creating. I think a timeless look is my favorite. Something you won't be able to tell the year by your hair! Go with what makes you feel your best. That's the trend I like!

What do you like to do outside of beauty?

I enjoy all the family time I can get. Anything to get me outside!

What advice would you give a bride?

Try to savor the day. Take deep breaths and be in the moment. It goes by fast.

What else should we know about you?

I love styling bridal hair!!

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